Crime Watch



Monday, Feb 4th, 2008

We had multiple vehicle break-ins Monday evening, February 4.  The reported activity was on Saddleridge, Crooked Ridge, Creek Hollow and other locations according to The Colony Police Department.  Most of the activity was in the alleyways.  However, there were a couple of break-ins in the front of the houses and front garages.  As usual, the thieves are looking for anything left in your vehicle. 

Please remove any valuables from your vehicle when you get home.  The thieves are taking time to open glove boxes, move car seats and look in everything.  One homeowner left an empty laptop bag in the car and it was broken into, perhaps the thieves thought there was a computer in the bag.  While the thieves were disappointed, so was the homeowner.

The Alert signs have been placed at all Ridgepointe entrances to notify residents of these activities.

PLEASE remove all valuables from your car and lock it up.  Put up motion lights/detectors - if you light up your space, criminals are less likely to target you.  Or install security cameras - they are inexpensive and very effective.

PLEASE pay close attention and report any suspicious activity to the police and to the RPHOA Crimewatch Committee (  The police non-emergency phone number is 972-625-1887.

Thank you.

RPHOA Crimewatch Committee

Have you noticed the “Alert” or “Message” signs?  This is a program adopted by the Crime Watch Committee to notify residents of important information.  When you see either of these signs posted under the “Neighborhood Crime Watch” signs please call 214-888-1535, mail box #2 for a recorded message.  You may also check this site for information.  Information posted on the RPHOA phone line or website will remain available for a period of 7 days.

If you know of or see a crime being committed in our neighborhood, please call the police to report it, then call 214-888-1535 to tell the Crime Watch Committee.  The CWC will notify the residents via the Alert signs and the website so everyone can stay informed.

We must all be alert for potential suspicious activity in our neighborhood.  According to The Colony Police Department, many criminal acts could be thwarted before they happen if someone were aware of their surroundings and contacted the authorities. If someone's activity appears unusual for the time of day, or otherwise seems out of place, irregular or dangerous, contact The Colony Police Department at 972-625-1887 or 911.

Let's look out for each other - after all, It's Our Neighborhood!

If you are interested in taking an active role in the RPHOA Crime Watch Committee, please contact Charlie Caldwell at 972-625-6237 or via email at    THANKS!