Association Facts
  What is a Homeowners Association?
It is a not-for-profit corporation in which the owners of lots are members. The Association is 'governed' by a Board of Directors and was formed to handle the maintenance of the common areas and to enforce the deed restrictions.

How does the Association work?
Ridgepointe Homeowners Association, Inc. is administered by a Board of Directors appointed by the Homeowners. The votes of the Association are controlled by the Homeowners.  The Board of Directors of Ridgepointe Homeowners Association, Inc. are self managed, meaning there is no professional third party management firm to provide services to the Association.  The Board of Directors prepare the annual budget, facilitate and supervise service contracts (such as the landscape maintenance contract), collect Association assessments (dues), follow up on delinquent assessments, organize the annual meeting, maintain bank accounts and carry out business of the Association.

Common Area Maintenance
The Association maintains the common property areas for your benefit; starting with the negotiation of the contract for landscape maintenance, then routinely monitoring the performance to assure conformity in service and effect. At Ridgepointe "common area" includes the brick wall along FM 423 Road and Ridgepointe Drive, as well as the right-of-way landscaping and the entry median.

Use Restrictions
There are a number of restrictions regarding what you may or may not do with your property, all of which are intended to enhance the integrity of your neighborhood and assist in maintaining your property value. For example, antennae and satellite dishes must be screened from public view. Also, campers, vans, trucks, boats, boat trailers, recreational vehicles and other types of non-passenger vehicles and equipment must be kept in the garage or screened from view by a screening structure. In order to maintain high aesthetic standards, no detached accessory building may be erected, placed or constructed upon any lot without prior written consent of the Association (see Architectural Modifications Submission Form).  A complete listing of the Use Restrictions is included in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR's).

** Please read the CCR's carefully; living in an Association has many
    benefits as well as responsibilities.

The Assessment
Since the Association is in effect a quasi-governmental organization, there are costs associated with its operation.  For example, there are expenses for the landscape maintenance, utilities, and postage. In addition, the Association is required to carry various forms of insurance. These expenses are paid through the collection of a regular assessment charged to each homeowner in the association. Your assessment is in addition to and not a part of your mortgage payment. These regular assessments are collected bi-annually and are billed by the Treasurer of the Board of Directors.  Late fees, finance charges and fines may be added to any unpaid assessment.

Annual Meeting
This is a yearly meeting of the members at which a summary of the year's activities is given and annual reports are distributed. Notices will be sent prior to the meeting to notify you of the time and location of the meeting.