Information for
Realtors and Title Agents

Please note all Resale Certificates are processed by CMA Management.  You may contact CMA's Closing Department at 972-943-2820, or by email at

Prior to requesting a Resale Certificate or Statement of Account, please ensure the property is a member of Ridgepointe Homeowners Association.  Only properties in Ridgepointe Phase I are members of RPHOA, highlighted in green below.

Inside RPHOA

  • Biscayne Drive:  All properties
  • Boca Raton Drive:  All properties
  • Cape Cod Drive:  All properties
  • Newport Drive:  All properties
  • Sarasota Drive:  All properties
  • Ridgepointe Drive: EVEN numbered properties only, 4500-4620
  • Standridge Drive: EVEN numbered properties only, 4300 to 4344

All other properties are NOT members of RPHOA.